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Central Coast Soaring Club is again organising its popular ridge soaring camp at the  beautiful NSW country site, Gloucester 4 -14  August
The camp has been a feature of the NSW gliding calendar for more than 30 years with only a single break, last year. Clubs from around NSW are invited although all glider pilots are welcome, including those who have not experienced ridge soaring.
The camp is based at the Gloucester Aero Club, a north-south strip in dairy farmland in the centre of the Avon valley. Ridge soaring takes place during the winter westerly winds along the Mogranis, a 12km range of hills parallel to the Buckets. The area is one of the most scenic in NSW with the Gloucester and Barrington Tops to the west and the ocean visible in the distant east.
Westerlies flowing at a only few knots permit soaring along the ridge. Fast runs below the ridge and thermals and wave allowing flights to more than 10,000 ft are not unknown. Although winter, midday temperatures of more than 20C are common and  thermal flights are the norm.
Numerous accommodation options are available in Gloucester - the town is welcoming to the annual visits from glider pilots. Gloucester Aero Club has full facilities including a bunkhouse and camping area.

Further details are available from the secretary, Central Coast Soaring Club,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call  Julio Moraes 0431113960